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ACF feed automation

The ACF dry feeding system is based on the special hardened ACF conveyor chain with nylon flights in a 60mm 'Magnelis' tube. Nylon curves with cast iron wheels ensure trouble-free feed transport. Quality valued for many years, supplemented with the latest techniques for control and feed dosing, make the ACF feeding system the ideal aid in your barn.

A stainless steel drive unit with 400V-1.5KW-E motor with gearbox, equipped with automatic tensioning device and breakage protection. The system is filled from the silo with a flexible supply spiral driven by a 400V-0.75KW-E motor. Hot-dip galvanized feed intake hopper with extra overflow protection and automatic shut-off with sensor in the circuit. Everything connected to the ACF Feedmatic controller provides a reliable solution in every situation.

For the feeding of sows, we offer the traditional volume dosators with or without a motor-controlled operation and stainless steel fall pipes up to the trough with clamps for the device. Cawi housing and ACF Feeding systems are always coordinated. Today, traditional systems are being implemented or supplemented with the latest electronic gadgets such as the ACF Technofeed system for individual sows and for sows in groups. See the specific page for this.

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For the feeding of piglets and fattening pigs, the transport system is provided with lockable taps. These kick-offs provide various options from manual to pneumatically operated draining. Very simple systems can be used to feed several types of feed per feed trough. For example, several feeding lines next to each other, with a combined fall pipe in the automatic feeder. In combination with the ACF Easyfeed control system, multiple feed types can also be fed with just one feed line. Each type of feed with a separate supply spiral from the respective silo. The subsequent adjustment of the type of feed can also be operated manually as well as pneumatically.

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ACF Tronic is one step further. The control of the various supply coils is controlled by means of frequency control. It is also possible to mix two types of feed to create an additional type of feed or for a gradual transition from one feed to the other. A separate feed can be provided per section or per row by means of pneumatically controlled tapping in combination with a multiple switch.

This system provides unlimited feeding with volume dosing by means of a telescopic fall pipe per feeder. For rationed feeding per trough or per feeder you should switch to a multi-phase feeding with feed weighing.

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AHC Cawi Staltechniek in Hengelo is gespecialiseerd in stalinrichting voor varkens. Met meer dan 50 jaar aan ervaring beschikken we over een ruime kennis, waardoor we u vakkundige service kunnen bieden. Naast stalinrichting en automatische voersystemen richten we ons op constructiewerk, toelevering, plaatbewerking en buigwerk.