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Multi-phase feeding with feed weighing

Cawi supplies fully automatic feeding systems, where the use of various components and mixtures can offer you many additional benefits. Based on your own wishes, the size of your company and your way of feeding, you can determine which feeding system suits you best.

The entire feeding process is controlled by the ACF Feedcom-Pro control. The daily ration is created for each trough from the storage in various silos by means of a weighed stainless steel mixer. Dosing of the feed in the feeders and / or troughs by means of 24V controlled, pneumatisch operated feed valves. You can decide for yourself what you want to automate, because of the flexible structure of the systems. Expansion of the system is still possible later on.

The system comes with an extensive registration of stocks and feed consumption, making it a handy management tool. At any time you can see what has been fed and what the daily costs are. You control the composition of the feed yourself and can always intervene where necessary.

The CARAS feeding system is the popular system when it comes to group housing of piglets and fattening pigs in groups, with rationed dry feeding. This offers the best growth results at the lowest feed costs. Each animal has its own feeding place. CARAS stands for animal-friendly housing with optimal feed conversion, maximum meat quality and uniform animals.

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Animal weighing

Weighing is important to maximize the return on your investment. This can be achieved by a good system. This system automatically weighs and registers the weight of the sow. This supports sow production through precise management of the condition.

An advantage is that waste of feed and over- / malnutrition will hardly occur. It is also possible to control in good time for optimal sow performance and uniform litters of piglets that have an optimal birth weight, because each sow is fed as required. You can monitor and control the build-up of the condition during the entire pregnancy.

Did you know that you can save 65 euros per sow per year, which can be implemented on the basis of precise weights instead of estimates of body condition. Every sow has an optimal weight development. When your sows are in optimal condition, they are better prepared for farrowing and a smooth transition to a productive nursing period. By being accurate with feeding, you minimize poor sow performance, scrap and feed errors. Weighing your animals is a perfect way to monitor your animals and make adjustments on time.

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