Reference projects

Cawi International: Qualitative, Sustainable and Convenient

Commitment from the first plans

Cawi International stands for more than 25 years of experience in barn equipment for pig farming. Our employees are happy to think along with you and advise you on the various possibilities in contemporary barn design and automation. This was also the case for the reference projects. Our experience shows that it is pleasant for the pig farmer when we are involved from the start in making plans for new construction or renovation. Our assembly and service department consists of a technical team that not only assembles, but also takes you by the hand during the start-up phase. You can think of setting and tuning automatic feeding systems and/or climate control to the situation you want.

Below you will find some photos of recently completed projects. Look for more images/video's on our Youtube or Facebook page.



Constructie en toelevering:

Over AHC Cawi

AHC Cawi Staltechniek in Hengelo is gespecialiseerd in stalinrichting voor varkens. Met meer dan 50 jaar aan ervaring beschikken we over een ruime kennis, waardoor we u vakkundige service kunnen bieden. Naast stalinrichting en automatische voersystemen richten we ons op constructiewerk, toelevering, plaatbewerking en buigwerk.