Cawi International: Qualitative, Sustainable and Convenient

Knowledge and experience complete the service

Cawi is known for their skilled assembly team. The mechanics have a broad knowledge of farming equipment, automatic feeding systems and constructions. Years of experience enable them to solve malfunctions and assemble as efficient as possible.

Fault Repair Service

The mechanics of Cawi are available all week to resolve faults in the feeding systems as quickly as possible. The emergency service can be reached at 06- 53710382. The technician who is on duty at the time will provide you with the best possible support and will come to you to resolve the fault.

Execute projects yourself? The technicians are also available to provide assembly guidance or even take entire projects off your hands.

Over AHC Cawi

AHC Cawi Staltechniek in Hengelo is gespecialiseerd in stalinrichting voor varkens. Met meer dan 50 jaar aan ervaring beschikken we over een ruime kennis, waardoor we u vakkundige service kunnen bieden. Naast stalinrichting en automatische voersystemen richten we ons op constructiewerk, toelevering, plaatbewerking en buigwerk.