Cawi International: Qualitative, Sustainable and Convenient

Kwaliteit en betrouwbaarheid

Cawi International is increasingly known for its versatile range of construction work. From machine frames to complete buildings, everything is possible at Cawi. We make construction work to the wishes of the customer and think along to achieve the best possible end result. Cawi guarantees quality and reliability. With the dedication and knowledge of our employees, we have been able to realize many beautiful projects.

EN1090-1 Certificaat AHC Cawi Staltechniek Stalinrichting Varkens

EN 1090 certificaat

Cawi International is in possession of the EN 1090-1 certificate. This certificate confirms that all regulations regarding the assessment and verification of constancy of performance are guaranteed. Since 1 July 2014, all load-bearing structures must be provided with a so-called CE-marking. With a CE mark, the manufacturer declares that all construction requirements have been met. CE marking therefore not only applies to the steel structure as a whole, but also to all its constituent parts. This means that not only the supplier of the end product must be able to supply a CE mark, but also all suppliers. With the EN1090-1 certificate, we can and may assign a CE marking to our constructions.

We can also carry out the drawing/design of these products for you. We like to think along to develop a good product. Our engineering will professionally convert your design into a 3D drawing so that a clear picture of the end result is created. Do you want to completely outsource your production? Cawi International can also assemble, assemble, galvanize and assemble/deliver your product to the customer.

Whether it concerns semi-finished products, commercial serial work or a one-off design, with us you are at the right place for every assignment.

Over AHC Cawi

AHC Cawi Staltechniek in Hengelo is gespecialiseerd in stalinrichting voor varkens. Met meer dan 50 jaar aan ervaring beschikken we over een ruime kennis, waardoor we u vakkundige service kunnen bieden. Naast stalinrichting en automatische voersystemen richten we ons op constructiewerk, toelevering, plaatbewerking en buigwerk.