Technofeed automatic feeding

"The intelligent feeder"

Technofeed Voersysteem AHC Cawi Staltechniek Stalinrichting Varkens

One of our specialties is ACF Technofeed. This is a fully automatic feeding system suitable for individual sows or for animals that are kept in groups. The system combines accurate feeding with smart solutions for dispensing the correct amount of feed per animal or per group. The desired amount can thus be adapted to the needs and behavior of the individual animal. The ACF Technofeed system is a feeding system that is based on the slow dosing of portions of feed, so that the animals get the chance to consume their own portion of feed in peace. This makes the system extremely suitable for sows in group housing, but this method of feeding is also successfully applied in the farrowing shed and mating shed. We now know from experience that feed intake in the farrowing pen is significantly better with this system than with traditional systems. Greater feed intake, better condition immediately means higher milk production. As a result, the birth and weaning weight of the piglets is significantly higher. The operation and setting of the dosage is done outside the loft. This not only makes it easier for the pig farmer, but above all it is also more hygienic because in this way the risk of contamination is kept to a minimum. The ACF TF system can also be installed on many existing types of transport systems and can be easily expanded and adapted. Do not deprive yourself or your animals. Choose the most intelligent feeding system and get the maximum return with minimal labor. For more information or specifications, please contact Cawi or ask your dealer.

Individual feeding

Individual feeding consists of 1 main unit TF1000 and various call units TF 100. The most commonly used farrowing feed. In this TF1000 main unit, the portions are pre-programmed in grams per sow / per feeding turn. This on the basis of various feeding curves. These curves are freely programmable. It is recommended to save several curves for eg gilts, elderly sows, lean and fat animals. This considerably increases the ease of use. Working with Technofeed is very easy and quick to learn.

From the central TF1000 control, the individual TF100 units are connected to the control unit by means of a special communication cable. The various feeding times are also determined here. If you want to use the manual start of a feeding time, this can be done via the electronics. However, we recommend placing a ‘handstart button’ per section or per throwing group. This makes control much easier. This manual start can also automatically replace the next start time. The set curve is not disturbed by this.

Technofeed Voersysteem AHC Cawi Staltechniek Stalinrichting Varkens

There is a TF100 call-off unit available per pen, which can be used to make changes and corrections to the sow. The various start times and feeding times are also set here. By means of this TF100 you can also choose the correct feed curve suitable for that animal. This is also where the start of a curve on the day of the birth is started and the necessary corrections are made. Each loft can also be stopped separately. In addition, it can also be used to empty the dosator or put it on a cleaning position. The steps can also be changed during the feeding process.

Technofeed Voersysteem AHC Cawi Staltechniek Stalinrichting Varkens


The ACF-TF dosers are available with a capacity of 6L and 10L. The whole consists of a splash-proof plastic reservoir which is mounted at the top by means of a lockable drain on a pipe supply circuit of 50.8 mm or 60 mm.

Dosing is done by means of a horizontal plastic auger (at the bottom) which is driven by a 12V electric motor placed outside the reservoir, which is also fitted with a splash-proof protective cover. Dosing can be done in the direction left or right. The connection between dosator and fall pipe must be mounted vibration-free on the loft. A connection cable is already pre-assembled.


  • ACF TF system works on 12 Volt, which is a safe voltage for humans and animals.
  • Possibility to flexibly increase or decrease the feed dosage / size of the portions.
  • Possibility of a so-called break feeding, in which the portions are dosed out at intervals. This naturally means more rest while eating and a better feed intake.
  • Start manually or via set times.
  • The system can easily be calibrated by the pig farmer himself, so the system can be reset for a different type of feed.

Group housing

Feeding a group of sows is done according to the same principle. However, the individual portions per feeding time are now determined for a group of animals. Here, too, a call-off unit (for max. Six sows) and a call-off unit (for max. 20 sows) is available for each pen / group, with which you can tailor the correct feeding cycle to the animals. Each animal in a group receives the same portion of feed. In order to give each individual animal sufficient time to eat, the portion of feed can be interrupted at a time by means of short breaks. A feeding turn can be started at the push of a button or via set times. It is therefore not necessary to be present at every feeding. You never have to enter the pen to change the amount of feed, the settings can be changed either from behind the sow or from the front area. Sows do not need to learn this system and you will be amazed at the peace and quiet in your house.

Technofeed Voersysteem AHC Cawi Staltechniek Stalinrichting Varkens

Technical solutions for pig farming

Are you looking for a technical solution for pig farming, such as barn equipment or a feeding system? Then Cawi would like to introduce itself to you. Cawi is known as a complete barn furnisher who provides advice and innovative solutions based on its own experience. Cawi's innovative technical products are exported all over the world. Cawi not only looks to the future, but is already working on it today. Would you like to know more about our options or our renowned automatic feeding systems? We unburden you in the technical part so that you can focus on the welfare of your animals.

Manual Technofeed

For more detailed information about Technofeed and the various options and functions, see our manual. This can be downloaded by pressing the button.