Realization of products

If you have designed or want to have metal products designed but do not have the machines to produce this yourself, you can contact Cawi to realize your products. From special fastening rings to making artworks, we have years of experience in supplying the most diverse products. All over the world parts of us are used to make a product function as well as possible. Think of sheet metal, construction work, bending work and assembly of products. plaatwerk, constructiewerk, buigwerk en assemblage van producten. 


We can also carry out the drawing/design of these products for you. We like to think along to develop a good product. Our engineers will professionally convert your design into a 3D drawing so that a clear picture of the end result is created. Do you want to completely outsource your production? Cawi can also assemble, assemble, galvanize and assemble/deliver your product to the customer. 

Cawi International owns a professional bending machine that makes 3D bending possible. This allows you to produce slightly cheaper and more efficiently and prevents sharp corners and/or extra welding.

Sheet Metal Work Cawi International Pigs Equipment

For serial work, you can also outsource your welding to our welding robot. The welding robot is equipped with two workstations so that it can continue continuously. This makes it possible to work quickly and efficiently. In addition, you are guaranteed a continuous quality.