Sheet metal work

From idea to perfection

For years, customers have come to Cawi as a supplier for sheet metal. In our own workshop we process steel, magnelis, stainless steel, aluminum and other sheet materials into the products desired by the customer. We can also carry out the drawing / design of these products for you. In terms of sheet metal working, we like to help you develop a good product. Our engineering will professionally convert your design into a 3D drawing so that a clear picture of the end result is created.

Cawi has a CNC perforating machine, sheet metal shears, press brake, roller and notching machines for sheet metal working, but can also supply cut products.

Execute projects yourself? The technicians are also available to provide assembly guidance or even take entire projects off your hands.

Whether it concerns semi-finished products, commercial serial work or a one-off design, with us you are at the right place for every assignment.

Sheet Metal Work Cawi International Pigs Equipment