Piglet pens

Piglet pens, with perfection down to the smallest detail

Pig pens with unreduced feeding can be carried out with a dry feeder, combined with a drinking bowl, or with special group feeders, equipped with a simple but unique feed dosing system, in which the piglets may or may not mix the feed and water themselves. When it comes to dry food bowls, always think of the correct proportions of feeding places and drinkers compared to the number of animals per pen. Rationed feeding with CARAS for large groups of piglets on a long trough is unique in design and control options. The systems are applicable for all group sizes and therefore for every company. The walls of the piglet pens are largely made of plastic and stainless steel, which means that it has a long life and, above all, is very easy to clean. Ease of operation for the gates and easy adjustment of the feeders is self-evident. Water supply of the piglets in the piglet pens is of great importance. Fresh water and sufficient drinking places is a must. For this we have designed a simple round pump and/or rinsing systems for both the drinking nipples and the drinking bowls. Drinking bowls can always cause some pollution.

Huisvesting Biggenstal - Roostervloeren

Farrowing floors,
for optimal comfort

In addition to the well-known triangle steel and cast iron grids for partially closed floors, Cawi also supplies the best plastic floors in various versions, suitable for fully slatted floors.These high-quality plastic slats are soft, warm and offer the best firmness for the sows and optimal freedom of movement for piglets. The integrated heating system in these floors is also optimal. Stable heating panels that even the sows can walk on. Independent research has shown this system to be the best in terms of heat distribution and energy consumption. Especially for upright farrowing crates, there is the floor with the “Sow Island”. This island is made of “cool” cast iron with the best dissipation of body heat and a special profile for an even better position of the sows. Optionally, this island can be equipped with a partially closed shoulder plate.