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Velos housing and feeding systems

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Efficiency is an important concept nowadays. That is why automatic feeding systems should not be missing. Nedap developed the 'Velos ESF', or an individual feeding system for sows in group housing. The individual recognition of the animals by means of an ear transponder ensures that each sow receives the correct portion of feed but is also recognized and, if necessary, “separated” for treatment and / or displacement. A positive side effect of the system is that feed waste is minimized. You can feed each sow according to her own needs. This means that 'residual feed hunters' have no chance, which immediately creates more peace in the group.

Designed for success

In the back of our mind we are always concerned with the long term, which is also reflected in the layout of the barn. The systems have been developed and designed in such a way that the spaces can be used optimally. Every company, both new and old, is suitable for the system, because we have the 'design' in our own hands. The different areas are designed for the comfort and performance of the sows. Ideal for large, dynamic groups, but the system also offers many advantages for “stable groups”. Controlling the walking lines from sows to the feeders reduces aggression. This gives newcomers to the group the opportunity to adapt easily.

Thanks to the Nedap applications you can follow live whether all animals have already been in the feeding stations and how much each animal has eaten. By linking the Nedap feeding stations to a weighing system, you can then also monitor the weight of the animals, so that you can determine whether the weight gain is as desired. It also allows you to quickly identify abnormalities and know which animals you need to track down or separate.


Nedap has developed an automatic feeding system for farrowing feeding, which makes it possible to feed the sows individually. The individual animals can be fed through different feed curves so that the feed curve adapts to the growth of the sow. The feed quantities can also be adjusted so that you keep the sow in good condition and as a result the birth and weaning weight of the piglets is significantly higher. And if this growth is good at the beginning, it will only yield better results in the follow-up process. In addition, research has shown that if a sow leaves the farrowing house in good condition again, the egg cell division will be much better, resulting in a higher production figure for the number of piglets at the next litter.

Thumbnail Nedap Feeding Systems AHC Cawi International Pigs Equipment

Animal weighing

Weighing is important to maximize the return on your investment. This can be achieved by a good system. This system automatically weighs and registers the weight of the sow. This supports sow production through precise management of the condition.

An advantage is that waste of feed and over- / malnutrition will hardly occur. It is also possible to control in good time for optimal sow performance and uniform litters of piglets that have an optimal birth weight, because each sow is fed as required. You can monitor and control the build-up of the condition during the entire pregnancy.

Did you know that you can save 65 euros per sow per year, which can be implemented on the basis of precise weights instead of estimates of body condition. Every sow has an optimal weight development. When your sows are in optimal condition, they are better prepared for farrowing and a smooth transition to a productive nursing period. By being accurate with feeding, you minimize poor sow performance, scrap and feed errors. Weighing your animals is a perfect way to monitor your animals and make adjustments on time.