Farrowing Crates

Farrowing crates, the pride of every farm.

Farrowing Crates Cawi International Equipment Pigs

The farrowing rooms are the pride of every farm. Cawi turns it into something beautiful. The crates are designed to ensure the lowest possible mortality. In addition, optimal accessibility of the animals is ensured for the sow manager. Specially shaped bars provide optimal comfort for the sow and and the piglets. They always have good access to the udder of the mother sow. Due to the special shape, the sow has more lying space and greater lying comfort. The animals can easily have fresh food and fresh drinking water. "Fresh nose ventilation" is possible with all versions. Optimal accessibility is provided by a lowered rear and special rear door. Within our delivery program you will find “universal” farrowing crates with support feet and the so-called hanging models. Both are.suitable for straight and diagonal positions.

'Universal' Farrowing Crates

As the name already says, these are universally applicable for freestanding installation and/or installation with the head against a wall. Standard dimension are 260 x 200 cm, but also many custom-made variants are possible.

Hanging crates offer the sow manager optimum working conditions, but cannot be used in every situation as they need to be securely anchored to a wall. Standard dimensions are 240 x 200cm for diagonal and 250 x 180 cm. for straight positions. Involve our consultants early in the plans for new construction and/or renovation of your barn. They will see which solution is best for your situation.

The walls of the farrowing create (mostly plastic) can optionally be fitted with walls of 50 or 75 cm high. Water pipes are adapted and tailored to the specific needs of the animals. Drinking nipples and/or drinking bowls with short pipes for as much fresh water as possible.

Our farrowing pens are also available in a version for free-range sows.

Farrowing floors,
for optimal comfort

In addition to the well-known steel grids for semi-grid crates, Cawi also supplies the best plastic grids in various designs, ideally suited for complete farrowing floors. These high-quality plastic slats are soft, warm and offer the best firmness for the sows and optimal freedom of movement for piglets. The integrated heating system in these floors is also optimal. Stable heating panels that even the sows can walk on. Independent research has shown this system to be the best in terms of heat distribution and energy consumption. Especially for upright farrowing crates, there is the floor with the “Sow Island”. This island is made of “cool” cast iron with the best dissipation of body heat and a special profile for an even better position of the sows. Optionally, this island can be equipped with a partially closed shoulder plate. 

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