Housing fattening pigs

Solid housing for fattening pigs

Huisvesting Vleesvarkens

Cawi makes very solid pens for fattening pigs, fitted with plastic walls and attached in stainless steel profiles. This guarantees a long life and is very easy to clean. Like the profiles, the hinges, locks and fasteners are also entirely made of stainless steel. Easy-to-operate gates and handy quick-release closures ensure optimal working conditions.

Cawi has a number of options for feeding your pigs, such as various troughs, (for wet and dry food), dry- or wetfeeders and group feeders. Suitable for every business situation.


Watervoorziening van de dieren is van groot belang. Fris water en voldoende drink-plaatsen is een must. Hiervoor hebben wij meerdere systemen ontworpen met zowel de drinknippels als de drinkbakjes. Drinkbakjes kunnen uiteraard altijd wat vervuiling geven.

First and foremost is always solid, durable and efficient.

For ease of work, we offer various options for distribution stations, medication connections, high-pressure taps and soaking nozzles, cooling misters and time controls.