Gestation crates

Versatile group housing for sows

Stable permanent groups

Cawi has developed the ideal form of housing for stable or permanent groups in the VIP box. The box in the gestation area is equipped with an operable trough gate that also controls the two-part rear gate. Due to this locking, a second sow can never enter the box. Every sow has its own lying and feeding place. The animals therefore determine their own movement behavior. Feeding takes place at frequent times and this means overview, control and rest. A group sows or individuals can be locked up during the feeding for control, treatment or movement. As an alternative to the VIP, Cawi has developed the SIM box; simpler in design, of course with central and individual locking, but without trough flap.

Group housing for free-roaming sows, in small groups with short feedings. (80cm) and a rationed feeding. Feeding place width 50cm. It is recommended to divide the “farrowing group” into 3-4 smaller groups, in which all animals are given the same ration. Place per animal about 2.5m2. Several times a day, simultaneous feeding and the slow dosing out of small portions of food creates more peace in the group. Bio-Rhythmic feeding by means of Technofeed group feeding is a must.

De dynamische- / wisselgroepen

The VELOS sow management system is the solution for group housing in dynamic, also referred to as exchange groups (also suitable for large stable groups). Animal-friendly, large groups of sows with individual (computer) control by means of recognition per animal. A range of control and registration options can be linked to your own management program. This gives you extra 'tools' to react more quickly and to improve your results. The above systems can be used with partial farrowing floors and / or with straw. The success in group housing is partly determined by a good layout of your barn. Both the self-catching box and the feeding station can also be used for organic business operations. Again, involve our advisors at an early stage in the plans for new construction or renovation of your barn, they will determine which solution best suits your situation.

Group housing with Bio-Rhythmic feeding

Bio-Feed is a bio-rhythmic feeding system for sows in self-catching boxes or for free-running sows in small groups (from 6 - 8 animals), with short feeding divisions. Feeding all the sows at the same time and slowly dosing out small portions of feed creates more peace in the group. Due to the longer feeding time, you have time for control and possible treatment of individual animals.