Mating area

Het hart van een zeugenbedrijf

Huisvesting Dekstal - Dekstal

Mating crate

The mating area is the heart of a sow farm. It is therefore very important to pay attention to good stimulation possibilities for the sows. But the working conditions for the caregiver must also be optimal. Cawi offers insemination boxes with an open front and a low back with easy-to-use insemination gates. Also very handy are the boar positioning doors and walk-through gates on the corridors that can be operated from behind the sows. All solutions for successful business operations.

In order to meet the strictest animal welfare requirements, our VIP self-catching boxes, which have been proven to be very effective, can also be used as an insemination box. Good accessibility of the animals due to the length of the box and the saloon doors.

Farrowing floors, for optimal hygiene

To keep a lot of dense and yet a clean floor (so clean sows), it is recommended to use a steel “Gruprooster”. This may or may not be carried out with a fertilizer valve.

Huisvesting Dekstal - Roostervloer