Free-range farrowing pens

Forrowing pens with optimal accessibility 

The Cawi farrowing pens are also available in a version for free-running sows; the movement farrowing pen. A real challenge! Due to the extensive movement space for the sow (approx. 3.5 m2), it is quite a task to avoid mortality.

Air inlet for the sow is also crucial here. Our goal is to maintain the benefits of our basic farrowing pens as much as possible. And we have succeeded quite well. The pens in two different main versions are all constructed in such a way that the mortality percentage remains as low as possible. Both models with specific advantages, adapted to the wishes and working method of the company and/or the animal caretaker. The “workability” in the crate has also been considered here.

The “SWING” model for head-to-wall setup. Minimum size is 260 x 260 cm (6.75m2). The “KINK” model with front frame especially for installation with the head to the hallway. Minimum size for this is 225 x 300cm. (6.75m2) Involve our advisers early in the plans for new construction or renovation of your barn, they will see which solution is best for your situation. The walls of the farrowing create (mostly plastic) can optionally be fitted with walls of 50 or 75 cm high. Water pipes are adapted and tailored to the specific needs of the animals. Drinking nipples and/or drinking bowls with short pipes for as much fresh water as possible.

Vrijloop Kraamhokken - Roostervloeren

Farrowing floors,
for optimal comfort

These high-quality plastic floors are soft, warm and offer the best position for the animals and optimal freedom of movement for piglets. The integrated heating system in these floors is also optimal. Independent research has shown this system to be the best in terms of heat distribution and energy consumption. Especially for upright farrowing pens, there is the floor with the “Sow Island”. This island is made of “cool” cast iron with the best dissipation of body heat and a special profile for an even better position of the sows. Optionally, this island can be equipped with a partially closed shoulder plate. In combination with the “fresh noses” air inlet, the lying behavior of the sows can be strongly influenced.