Everything for Pig Farming

Besides several own developments, Cawi offers everything in pig housing equipment to optimise your pig housing. Very often these are our own inventions but they can also be quality products of well-established brands we represent, such as: Nedap Velos sow indentification -  EMI ventilation.

Next to the development and products, CAWI Pig Farm Solutions offers many different optimisations for your stables.

• Manure drain systems.

• Feeders and drinkers.

• Climate control ventilation/heating.

• Weighing equipment for pigs and feed.

• Plastic dividing walls and doors.

• Feed storage silo's and flex-augers.

• Feed mixing and dosage equipment

• Cleaning systems


Dry-feeders and drinkers for weaners.        Feeders and drinkers for finishers


ACS Swingfeeder for Piglets          Groupfeeder for in dividing panels.

Argos Climate computer   EMI fans, different sizes with fanhousing or build-in motor blower

Weighingmachine for pigs till 200Kg.                          Weighingmachine Digital 300 kgs


Distribution frame for watersupply.