Technical stable solutions for pig farming

Are you looking for technical solutions in pig farming like housing equipment or feeding systems? Then CAWI Pig Farm Solutions would like to introduce themselves to you.

AHC Staltechniek in Hengelo and Cawi Stalinterieur from Zelhem (both situated in Gelderland, an eastern provence in the Netherlands) are two leading companies specialised in stables construction meant for pig farming who, at the turn of the century, merged into one company, AHC CAWI Staltechniek. With incredibly built knowledge, years of experience, and self-developed products and systems the two company's complemented each other perfectly. AHC CAWI Staltechniek is known in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany as a complete interior construction company that will offer experienced advice and innovative solutions alongside you. Under the name CAWI Pig Farm Solutions their innovative technical products for pig farming are exported all over the world.

Innovative Stable Solutions

CAWI Pig Farm Solutions and her associated companies have introduced a lot of products into the pig farming industry over the past thirty years. They came to be known as the inventor of the "piglet battery" and the first in the Netherlands to have, the now widely known, plastic interior stables. All home establishments are long lasting, appropriate, and naturally they are animal friendly. Besides that there is also a lot of thought put into ergonomic (easy use) for the pig keepers.  CAWI is market leader in the Netherlands in the area of automatic feeding systems, and offer a complete range of durable feeding automation from basic flex-auger and chain-disk delivery lines up to entire computer generated multiphase systems. CAWI developed the unique and patented CARAS, for large groups of pigs, both weaned piglets and fattening pigs alike. CAWI International does not only look to future, but works on the future today.

Differential and International

Aside from CAWI Pig Farm Solutions, the company is made up out of the following companies:

• AHC CAWI Staltechniek bv; main office in the Netherlands
• AHC Stalltechnik GmbH; selling office for Germany;
• New Standard West Equipment Inc.; sales for Canada.
• AHC Productions B.V.; the production of steel products;